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A Day At The Saatchi Gallery: London Fashion Weekend

Yesterday I visited the Saatchi Gallery as it hosted a blogger’s dream; London Fashion Weekend. If you’ve ever wanted to shop at highly discounted prices on pieces from Moschino  and Dolce and Gabbana, experience the front row at a fashion show and enjoy lunch at one of London’s finest destinations, than this day is for you.

I arrived at the Saatchi Gallery at 10:30 am and collected my designer tote. The bag was filled with exclusive goodies such as Garnier moisturising cream, Pukka tea leaves, Maybelline baby lips and much more.

Whilst I was waiting for the Trend Show catwalk, I drifted between rooms that were full of designer clothes and marvelled at the displays. The all white decor was modern and made the clothing stand out.


Whilst wondering around the jewellery room, I came across a unique stall that immediately caught my eye. It was surrounded by art work that could’ve had a show of it’s own.


‘You’re so vain you probably think this artwork’s about you.’


Golden bullet cases that have been crystallised from the inside


Love Bullets

Love Bullets is a brand that uses golden bullet cases and crystallises the inside of them. Every coloured crystal has different healing properties, I bought a black crystal necklace that protects you from negativity such as self doubt and helps you to feel secure. They are often used to heal the root chakra which is found in your lower spine. I picked this crystal because I was instantly attracted to it but once the lovely salesman described its healing properties I was sold, I suffer from many of the issues the crystal helps with. It was as though it was meant to be. The irony of using a destructive weapon to heal spiritual wounds appeals to me on a very deep level.


Trend Show – Very Exlcusive

It was then show time. Because I got to the show space eagerly, I was lucky enough to secure a second row seat, which meant I had a better chance of securing quality images.





The music created a lively atmosphere as Very Exclusive showcased their SS16 Trend Show which featured pieces from renowned designers from Alexander McQueen  to Versus Versace.

After a lunch break featuring a caramel latte and a bacon and chicken sandwich from Costa, I headed back to the Saatchi Gallery to view Mary Katrantzou SS16. I sat front row for this show as I had been anticipating it since I had bought my tickets. Front row experience was great for my photos.

Mary Katrantzou SS16







The finale of the Mary Katrantzou show signified the end of my day. I learnt a lot about myself at the London Fashion Weekend experience and I will be returning the to stunning venue, the Saatchi Gallery, for exhibitions in the future.

What do you think about my first attempt at runway photography?

Until next time,

Molicia xo

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Halloween OOTN: Glampire 😈❣


Vamping it

To celebrate Halloween, one of my friends held a Halloween themed gathering for all the girls. 

Stressing as usual over what to wear weeks before hand, only to pick a last minute dressy-casual outfit and with a trickle of fake blood I was transformed into a vampire. 


Leather leggings- Uniquilo, boots- Dune

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will have realised by now that I am obsessed with leather in a way that is possibly unhealthy. The combination of leather, sequins and suede made me embrace the feminine and sultry character of the female vampire. 
 The combination of a classic smokey eye, lashes and a deep red lip completed the look. I also used fake blood (Morrisons £2) to create a dripping effect from my mouth. There was supposed to be a vampire bite on my neck however I totally failed and rather than looking like someone had sunk their teeth into me, the circles/blobs looked like they were attempted by a 5 year old. Actually… A 5 year old would’ve done a better job!

Happy Halloween!

Molicia xo