Wise Words Wednesday’s 03


Sorry I haven’t posted a lot recently guys, I’ve got a lot of coursework deadlines to meet at college! (Stress!)

To sprinkle a dash of positivity, this post I found on Tumblr speaks volumes.

So, you may have had the shittiest day ever, like a living nightmare and you may be stressed out of your mind.. BUT to stop that shitty day from being even shittier, do something that makes you happy and will almost guarantee a pretty smile back on your face. Whether it’s having a cup of tea, doing a workout or watching your favourite movie with a tub of ice cream (my favourite method), life is only going to be as good as you make it. Throw the negativity away with the hours of the day you have left to lift your mood.

Having a positive mindset really is the key to happiness and it doesn’t take much change to make a huge difference to your life.

All the quote pictures I post are taken from Tumblr or Instagram.

Sprinkle the positivity! 💁✨

Molicia xo