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Everyday whether I am scrolling through my Instagram/Tumblr feed, running errands or even just relaxing in nature, I find inspiration. I want you to be inspired endlessly too. That’s why I created an Instagram account. so you could see the fashion, artwork and places that have inspired me to blog. 

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Celebration: Molicia’s 2nd Anniversary

Today is a cause for celebration. Molicia is in the mood to pop a bottle of champagne and reflect on the amazing 2 years she’s been blogging with WordPress. 

For any blogger, it can be difficult to define what content you create good and where your strengths lie. The last couple of years have been blessed with learning experiences and happiness. I hope my loyal readers can see the passion that goes into this blog and I hope it brings you all as much happiness as it brings me. I would like to thank everyone who has become a part of Molicia’s journey so far for their continuous support and the joy they bring me. 

I would also like to present the opportunity for any of Molicia’s readers to comment on what they most enjoy about the blog and anything they would like to see. I’m open to any ideas as I want to continue making the blog enjoyable for the all you loyal supporters. Feel free to comment below any suggestions. 

Again, thank you for your support! Here’s to many more anniversarys to celebrate!

New York Fashion Week: Day 1 ft Yeezy Season 3 + 6 Surprises

Fashion month has started! I’m so excited to see what A/W16 has to offer.

What features on this blog will only ever be collections from shows I’ve enjoyed and actually liked the clothes. Anything without wow-factor simply won’t make the cut. Therefore, I only have one show to talk about today. And it’s the show that everyone is talking about…


 Exclusive to Tidal subscribers (lucky me!) was a live stream that featured Kanye West’s latest Adidas x Yeezy collection, his new album, ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and a few surprises. 

Surprise number 1:

These giant hills of silk material start rippling before the show begins. Suddenly, the material is pulled away and reveals models wearing Kanye’s new collection standing on top of a towering podium. Below them is a crowd of even more models.


This jacket is gorgeous • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸


So much resting bitch face • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸


The queen arrives • Naomi Campbell • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸

Surprise number 2: 

As Kanye’s music is blaring and the models are standing there blank-faced. Out of no where Naomi Campbell struts into position and poses graciously.  

Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸


This jacket is on my wish list • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸


Vibrant colours at a Kanye West show?! • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸


This photo doesn’t do those gorgeous boots any justics • Amina Blue • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: 📸

Surprise number 3: 

Kanye made a song about himself. It was satirical of how he is perceived by everyone and it enjoyable.  ‘I love you like Kanye loves Kanye’

Surprise number 4:

Fashion design is a learning process and Kanye has responded to criticism regarding the pricing of his collections and has agreed to make it more affordable and accessible to the public. 


Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West wearing Balmain x Yeezy • Photo source: @balmain via Instagram 📸


Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner wearing Balmain x Yeezy • Photo source: @balmain via Instagram 📸

Surprise number 5:

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are repping custom-made Balmain x Yeezy. According to Kim Kardashian, Olivier Rousteing made the collection happen in just 5 days! Although it isn’t the best I’ve seen from Balmain, you can’t disregard how much effort that would’ve been to make it happen in such a short timeframe. 

Surprise number 6:

Kanye is releasing a video game of his mum flying through heaven. I’m being serious. Wheneve I’m concentrating I talk to myself and I said “Is this even real?!” Whilst the preview was shown. I still can’t believe it. Credit to Kanye for creating a fashion collection, album and video game in that amount of time though. 

Unlike the majority of designers, the cast at Yeezy Season 3 was a large majority of POC which is really good to see. There are so many coloured models who had the chance to display their beauty at the show. 

Whether you think this is ‘post-apocalyptic trash’, (a comment I saw on Instagram this morning) or a genuine attempt of a man trying to express himself. You have to admit, Kanye West knows how to put on a good show and get the whole world talking about him. 

What is your opinion of the show?

Molicia xo


Wise Words Wednesday: Dress Up And Don’t Give Up

Sometimes you may feel a little stressed, a little blue or maybe a little depressed. It happens to all of us. Everyone has bad days.

But so what?  

So what if you’re feeling down or an event in your life has made you feel lower than you’ve been in a long time. So what? 

So you get up and you applaud yourself, you get dressed and give yourself a pat on the back and you show up and cheer for yourself. You carry on even when you feel like you can’t. That’s what makes you more than a survivor. That’s true strength. That takes a lot and instead of saying ‘I feel like crap’ etc etc, start saying, ‘I feel like crap but I’m here and I’m continuing, I never give up’. There’s no shame in self-pride. 

Whatever battle you’re facing right now, stare it in the face and tell them who’s boss. 

You’ll conquer this battle, you always do. Because you do the simplest and most difficult thing which is that you never give up. 

Molicia xo

Valentine’s Day Makeup Look


Valentine’s Day is next weekend and some of you girls will have a cute date lined up where as some of us girls will just be chilling and marking it as another day of the year. I’ll be going to Bluewater shopping centre this V Day as it’s also my sister’s birthday which I’m really happy about as I need to get an outfit for London Fashion Weekend. 

I love metallic colours so I created a look that will make you feel golden all day regardless of whether you’re trying to impress a certain someone.



Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow in shade ‘my two cents’ all over the lid

Urban Decay naked 2 palette shade ‘snakebite’ over the lid

Benefit hoola bronzer on the crease.l

Benefit they’re real! Push up liner on the lash line

L’Oréal Paris false lash telescopic mascara (2 coats) on the lashes

Benefit brow zings to fill in the brows

Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation and L’Oréal true match foundation mixed

Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit

Kat Von D shade and light contour palette

Benefit hoola bronzer on the cheekbones and forehead

Benefit watts up! Highlighter 


Barry M lip liner in shade ‘tan’

Limecrime velvetine matte liquid lipstick in shade ‘bleached’

Wise Words Wednesday’s: Style

Fashion is an art form that has endless possibilities and is a way that every single person has a chance to express themselves without the need for a particular talent or skill; we all choose what to wear every single day.

When you walk down the street everyday, people can catch a glimpse of who you are from your clothing. Fashion is an unlimited possibility to be whoever you want to be. 
Molicia xo

2016 Announcement

To my current and future followers:

From January (exact date TBC), will no longer exist…

But don’t panic! I’m just rebranding. The new URL will be the same as my Tumblr (defy-u-stars). 

It just makes sense for me to use the same name for both my sites as they’re both fashion blogs.

I hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion and thank you for following me!

Molicia xo