The Silicone Applicator: Fab or Fad?

We are constantly bombarded with new trends in the beauty world, whether it be contouring with a stiletto or dabbing red lipstick under your eyes to colour correct your bags. 

However, when it comes to introducing a new way to apply your foundation, it isn’t fun and games: it’s a serious business. The latest trend of silicone applicators promises every makeup lover a flawless application, less foundation useage and a practical method of cleaning it. A product description from heaven. Although, doesn’t the old saying go that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Molicia purchased one so you can find out. 

Source: @shopvioletvoss via Instagram 📸

A Flawless Application?

Unlike using a sponge, to use a silicone applicator you tap rather than bounce. The key to perfecting the application with this tool is to use small amounts of foundation and build your preferred covereage. Sure, it takes slightly longer than using other tools, but the application is just as smooth, if not better

Less foundation usage?

As mentioned above, the perfect way to use a silicone applicator is to use less foundation. When applying to the face, the foundation will spread to cover much more surface than with your hands or brushes as it doesn’t absorb any product. Splurging on foundation just became even more justified. 

Easy To Clean?

In your current foundation applicator’s life, how many times can you honestly say that you have washed it? Brushes and sponges alike can be extremely hard labour to wash, whatever product you use to wash it with. Bacteria spreads like wildfire from all the build-up which equates to an increased risk of blemishes. With a silicone applicator, just 30 seconds under warm water and a pump of soap will have it as clean as new and ready to use again. This simple and quick method will create a daily cleaning routine which will reduce the spread of acne. What more can you ask for?

Silicone applicators are fab. Although the method of use is tricky to get used to at first and it may increase the time you spend blending slightly, it is worth the investment considering: they are far cheaper than your average application tool, give optional coverage, save money by using less product, take 30 seconds to clean and won’t break easily. If you follow one beauty trend this year, let it be this one. 

Here’s where you can buy them!


Haute Couture Week Day 3 FT: J.Mendel and Alexandre Vaulthier

It seems that with every day, the Couture Week shows are getting stronger. J. Mendel focuses on exposing the shoulders whilst Alexandre Vaulthier features a popular cast of models. 
J. Mendel

J. Mendel Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

J. Mendel Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

J. Mendel Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Stunning dresses that feature dazzling embellishments and draw attention to the shoulders were displayed at J. Mendel. As they’re teamed  with high boots, the eyes naturally look to the shoulders which are decorated with a halter neck or completely bare, giving  full attention to the details of the dresses. 
Alexandre Vaulthier 

Jourdan Dunn opening the show @ Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Lindsey Wixon @ Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

Bella Hadid closing the show @ Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture AW17 • Source: 📸

As seen previously during the week, a more casual approach was taken at Alexandre Vaulthier with a neutral colour palette, made glamorous with the use of fur and exaggerated bows that acted as belts at the waist line. Never would you find a gown that is khaki yet ever so beautifully designed than at Haute Couture Week. The cast featured top models including: Jourdan Dunn, Lindsey Wixon and Bella Hadid. 

Haute Couture Week: Day 1 FT Alberta Ferretti 

It’s time for one of the most extravagant events in fashion; haute couture week. Here you can find the dresses of your dreams and the finest tailoring in luxury fashion. 

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti FW17 Haute Couture • Source: 📸

Sara Sampio @ Alberta Ferretti FW17 Haute Couture • Source: 📸

Alberta Ferretti FW17 Haute Couture • Source: 📸

Feminine details of sheer, lace and whiter than snow dresses graced the Alberta Ferretti runway. The subtle layers and flat shoes connote effortless elegance, a key to the Italian houses’ aesthetic. 

#WiseWordsWednesdays: Dressing For Yourself

For years and years, so called ‘experts’ have been ordering women to dress in accordance to their body shape. “Pears should avoid pleated skirts, apples should distract attention from their waist,” etc, etc. 

It shouldn’t matter whether you’re an hourglass or boyish, if you like it, wear it. It’s that simple. I also slightly disagree with the advice from Cosmopolitan (image source) on wearing having things that fit you. If you have an oversized jumper you wanna wear, why worry?

The point is, don’t let the opinions of ‘experts’ dictate what you want to wear. I don’t care if they’re professional stylists, as long as you feel comfortable wear it! After all, fashion is one of the most significant, if not the most significant way to express yourself. Have fun with it!


Molicia xo

Save The Date: KENZO x H&M – 3rd November 2016


KENZO x H&M • Photo source: @britishvogue via Instagram 📸

After the hugely successful collaboration with Balmain, H&M have announced KENZO as the designer for the 2016 collection. 

The collaboration with the Parisian fashion house is due to be released 3rd November 2016 to 250 H&M stores after an exclusive show at a yet-to-be-revealed location in October.

H&M‘s Head of Design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, states in an exclusive interview to Vogue, “Balmain was glamorous and sexy, and this is vibrant, youthful and fun.”

Personally, I am very excited to see what this collaboration brings and whether it matches the success (and maybe even causes riots), as the Balmain collection last year. H&M never fails to impress by continuing to bring a diverse range of high-fashion aesthetic to the high street. 

Molicia xo

Sports Luxe? Olivier Rousteing x Nike

A completely new definition to Sports Luxe has been created. By who? No other than our favourite celebrity high fashion designer, Olivier Rousteing. 

Yesterday, Olivier debuted his collaboration with Sports brand giant, Nike, on his 3.2 million follower Instagram account. 

The shoot which was shot for Dazed and Confused by photographer, Nick Knight features classic Balmain elements such as heavy gold decor and satin.  It resembles a modern twist on a timeless painting that you would find at the Louvre.


Olivier Rousteign x Nike • Shot by Nick Knigt • Photo source: @olivier_rousteign via Instagram 📸


Olivier Rousteign x Nike • Shot by Nick Knigt • Photo source: @olivier_rousteign via Instagram 📸


Olivier Rousteign x Nike • Shot by Nick Knigt • Photo source: @olivier_rousteign via Instagram 📸


That’s not quite all though…

Of course, we all know that Olivier has a celebrity contact list on his phone that anyone would be jealous of, but… What would a Nike campaign be without no other than Cristiano Ronaldo?!

Anyone who knows me, is more than acknowledging of the fact that I am a huge fan of Cristiano a.k.a. Future Husband, (joking, or am I?) Real Madrid’s superstar striker made a modelling debut in the campaign, which certifies this shoot as Modern Art. 


Olivier Rousteign x Nike x Cristiano • Shot by Nick Knigt • Photo source: @cristiano via Instagram 📸


Olivier Rousteign x Nike x Cristiano • Shot by Nick Knigt • Photo source: @cristiano via Instagram 📸


#WiseWordsWednesday: Dreams Really Do Come True


That little girl you were had dreams that were larger than life and those dreams were possible because she believed in magic and miracles. 

Now that little girl isn’t so little anymore and she’s been told the visions she once had are ‘unrealistic’ and ‘impossible’. She sees herself as a failure sometimes and wishes she could make it happen. Guess what? She can. 

Today’s post is about encouraging you to find the little girl inside you again. What did she believe in? What did she be when she wanted to grow up? Why did she ever give up? 

Once you find her again, make it your mission to make her dreams come true in the way that Disney films do. Because whatever you do for her, you’re doing for you, too.