Fashionista Friday: Conna Walker

After starting out as an eBay seller at the age of 17, Conna Walker has since built a brand that is worn by celebrities to red carpet events, has stores globally and millions of customers who vary from your average young woman to Beyoncé. 

Not only is Conna an inspiriational woman who has achieved so much at such a young age, she is a fashionista. Without her personal style as guidance, House of CB wouldn’t be the popular brand it is today. 

This Fashionista Friday is dedicated to a woman that Molicia has looked up to since she first discovered House of CB and its feminine, figure-hugging clothing. Conna Walker is a girl who has it all. 

Did I mention how influential her style is? Maybe I did. Maybe you need to see some examples…

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸

Source: @connawalker via Instagram 📸


5 Inspiring Women’s History Month Quotes

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” These simple yet empowering words were once spoken by Amelia Earhart decades ago. However, these words still ring true today.

Women’s History Month is not only about self-empowerment, it’s equally about empowering other women, too. 

To help spread the message, FTD curated five inspiring quotes by influential women of the past and present for the women of the future. These quotes will certainly bring some positivity into your day and will remind you of the strength and determination that us women are capable of. 

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The Silicone Applicator: Fab or Fad?

We are constantly bombarded with new trends in the beauty world, whether it be contouring with a stiletto or dabbing red lipstick under your eyes to colour correct your bags. 

However, when it comes to introducing a new way to apply your foundation, it isn’t fun and games: it’s a serious business. The latest trend of silicone applicators promises every makeup lover a flawless application, less foundation useage and a practical method of cleaning it. A product description from heaven. Although, doesn’t the old saying go that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Molicia purchased one so you can find out. 

Source: @shopvioletvoss via Instagram 📸

A Flawless Application?

Unlike using a sponge, to use a silicone applicator you tap rather than bounce. The key to perfecting the application with this tool is to use small amounts of foundation and build your preferred covereage. Sure, it takes slightly longer than using other tools, but the application is just as smooth, if not better

Less foundation usage?

As mentioned above, the perfect way to use a silicone applicator is to use less foundation. When applying to the face, the foundation will spread to cover much more surface than with your hands or brushes as it doesn’t absorb any product. Splurging on foundation just became even more justified. 

Easy To Clean?

In your current foundation applicator’s life, how many times can you honestly say that you have washed it? Brushes and sponges alike can be extremely hard labour to wash, whatever product you use to wash it with. Bacteria spreads like wildfire from all the build-up which equates to an increased risk of blemishes. With a silicone applicator, just 30 seconds under warm water and a pump of soap will have it as clean as new and ready to use again. This simple and quick method will create a daily cleaning routine which will reduce the spread of acne. What more can you ask for?

Silicone applicators are fab. Although the method of use is tricky to get used to at first and it may increase the time you spend blending slightly, it is worth the investment considering: they are far cheaper than your average application tool, give optional coverage, save money by using less product, take 30 seconds to clean and won’t break easily. If you follow one beauty trend this year, let it be this one. 

Here’s where you can buy them!

#WiseWordsWednesday: 5 Diane Von Furstenburg Quotes

Source: @therealdvf via Instagram 📸

Diane Von Furstenburg is a woman we should all aspire to become. As well as being an iconic fashion designer who owns a global brand and created the wrap dress, she is a charitable woman who is humble, kind and supporting of fellow women. 

Her life experience is inspiring and so are her words. Here are 5 quotes that clearly prove what a wonder-woman she is.


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How To Become A Fashion Blogger

So, you love fashion, in any/all of its forms: runway, luxury, high street, trends, art, design, etc. You’ve decided you want an outlet to explore and share the passion you have for the industry. But where do you start? 

Well, it’s definitely a lot more work than it may seem but if your passion is pure, this won’t scare you but rather, excite you! Here’s a basic guide on how to start a fashion blog from the absolute beginning.

Choosing your niche:

You’ve established you want to blog about fashion, but what about fashion do you want to write about? Is there a particular nieche you’re interested in? Figure out what gets your heart racing. For Molicia, I chose to talk about high fashion to my readers as I’ve built up my knowledge over the years and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about. 

Brainstorm some post ideas:

So, you’ve chosen your niche(s) and now you’re ready to go! Well… not quite yet. When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. I would just post about random ideas. My first few posts were actually about beauty! So it’s a good idea to just jot down a few notes about the type of posts you can do. For example, if you want to run a street style blog,consider researching who your style inspirations are, look at other street style blogs and think about why they’re successful, (but don’t copy people! Be inspired and work with the ideas that come from yourself). Not all of your posts will be successful, but that’s fine. That’s half the fun of the learning process. 

Choose your host:

If you want to give blogging a trial-run, I would suggest creating your blog on one of these free platforms:

Molicia uses and has always enjoyed using it. You can: create your own themes, add social media links and analytics tools. I wouldn’t recommend self-hosting for new bloggers, as it is expensive and you need to know how much traffic your blog will achieve before becoming fully responsible for the website.

Choosing your website name:

This is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a blogger. This is how people will recognise you as a brand, and therefore you want to choose something that is memorable/relatable to your subject. For example, Molicia is a name you don’t hear often, (it is a combination of my first name, Molly and my middle name, Alicia.) I also have my surname in the web domain: Think about things that sound nice, things that inspire you or things that are personal to you. After all, who would’ve thought MoonPig would be a good name for a card making company? Go with your gut!

You’re almost there!

You’ve now got a brand name for your blog, you’ve done your research and you’ve just finished creating your website… what now? Post! You’ve got your ideas, now it’s time to use them. 


  • Blogging should be fun and enjoy the journey, even if you make mistakes!
  • Write about something your passionate about and your readers will recognise it
  • Use high quality photos/videos and remember to provide a link back to the website you’ve used images from if you have done so
  • Use hashtags to generate more traffic to your posts
  • Communicate with other bloggers, making friends along the way is always fun and now you have the opportunity to make them all over the world 
  • Enjoy sharing your passions and welcome to the world of blogging!

Designer Dictionary: Cristobal Balenciaga 

‘The King of Fashion’, Cristobal Balenciaga has left behind a legacy that is virtually impossible to compete with. Even Christian Dior said that he was “the master of us (designers) all.” Coco Chanel stated the fashion designer was, “the only couturier in the truest sense of the word.” 

Cristobal Balenciaga was known for his innovative and beautiful couture, which gave him the opportunity to design for Spanish and Belgian royalty. 

After opening his Paris Couture house in 1937, Balenciaga’s fame continued to rise as his innovation was evident. He transformed the silhouette to that of broad shoulders and took away the emphasis of the waist. 

He retired in 1968 after 30 years of working in Paris. Cristobal Balenciaga sadly passed away 23rd March 1972. Women’s Wear Daily headlined ‘The King is dead’, which truly concludes the impact this icon left on the fashion industry. 

Name: Cristobal Balentziaga Eizagirre

Date of Birth: 21st January 1895

Star Sign: Aquarius 

Country of Birth: Spain

Date of Death: 23rd March 1972

Label: Balenciaga 

Famous Work: Creating and designing for Balenciaga, innovating fashion, Haute Couture, teaching other now iconic fashion designers

Did You Know?: Cristobal Balenciaga taught the tricks of the trade to Oscar De La Renta, Hubert de Givenchy and Emanuel Ungaro

His mother was a seamstress and therefore encouraged him to learn tailoring

He began his career as an apprentice tailor at the age of 12


A woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses. The dress will do that for her. 

Elegance is elimination

A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for colour, a musician for harmony and a philosopher for temperance 

Information Sources:óbal_Balenciaga

Riccardo Tisci’s Best At Givenchy 

After 12 loyal years of creating masterpieces for super fashion house Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci recently announced his departure. 

Instagram went into meltdown after Riccardo posted a photo to confirm his exit: colleagues such as Mert Alas (Mert & Marcus), Naomi Campbell and Natasha Poly flooded the photo app with memories. The industry mourns the designer’s leave but buzzes for the awaited news of where his career will take him next, with many guesses towards Versace. 

To celebrate the hard work and beauty Riccardo Tisci has created in his twelve years at Givenchy, here we follow his journey from beginning to end and display the best looks from virtually every show he’s put on for the brand…

L-R: Givenchy AW05 Couture, SS06 RTW, SS06 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy AW06 RTW, AW06 Couture, SS07 RTW • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS07 Couture, AW07 RTW, AW07 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS08 RTW, SS08 Couture, AW08 RTW, AW08 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS09 RTW, SS09 Couture, AW09 RTW, AW09 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS10 RTW, SS10 Couture, AW10 RTW, AW10 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS11 RTW, SS11 Couture, AW11 RTW, AW11 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS12 RTW, SS12 Couture, AW12 RTW, AW12 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS13 RTW, AW13 RTW, SS14 RTW, AW14 RTW • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS15 RTW, AW15 RTW, SS16 RTW • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS16 Couture, AW16 RTW, AW16 Couture • Edit by • Source: 📸

L-R: Givenchy SS17 RTW, AW17 Menswear • Edit by • Source: 📸