Valentine’s Day Wishlist: With Or Without A Valentine

Are you single or taken? Who cares! 14th February is just another excuse to shop, (in Molicia’s world, anyway) and with all the exclusive Valentine’s Day collections dropping, there’s no excuse. With items for every price range, this wishlist is broken into 2 sections: one for you lucky ladies with a partner and one for you lucky ladies without one! 

I’m Taken!

House of CB Milyana Peach Bandage Lingerie: Suspender Belt £29, Bra £39, Thong Briefs £25

Wolford Wisdom Tights: £35

So Monroe Nude Mesh Bodysuit: £29.99

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag: £795

Source: 📸

 Calvin Klein Light Watch: £235

Maniere De Voir Suede Lace-Up Bodycon Dress in Beige: £32.99

Mistress Rocks Damned White Sheer Mesh Slash Neck Bodysuit: £34

Source: 📸

Karl Lagerfeld Valentine Keychain: £25 

The Real Flower Company Romantic Rose Hatbox Arrangement: £95

Source: 📸

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin: £36

Lime Crime Champagne Velve-Tin: £18.94 (sale price)

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blusher: £24

I’m Single!

Source: 📸

Chaos Broken Heart Case in Red: £170

Source: 📸

Breakups To Makeup Commit Makup Clutch: £27.65

Alexander McQueen Printed Silk Scarf: £163

Source: 📸

Badly Drawn Models’ Badly Drawn Portrait: £50

House of CB Paris Oxblood Red Patent Leather Pointy Toe Heels: £119.99

Maniere De Voir ‘Fake Love’ T-Shirt in Nude: £17.99 

Mistress Rocks Halfway Dark Red Side Laced Velvet Dress: £59

Moschino Short Dress: £154

Bando Love Potion Tumbler: £14.95

The Bubble World’s Smallest Bottle Of Sparkling Wine 125ml: £12.99

Victoria’s Secret Supersoft PJ Set: £47.27 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: £19


FM Cosmetics London Red Rubies


2017: What’s To Come

2017 Mood: Naomi Campbell turning her community service into a fashion show wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown. This year marks the 10th aniversary of this iconic statement. Source: 📸

Happy New Year from Molicia! Better late than ever, right? As some of you may be aware, I had recently taken some time out of running the blog. This was due to personal circumstances and I would like to start this fabulous new year by apologising for my absence and marking my presence. During my time away, I’ve made many plans for the blog this year including more content and expansion! I’m sure you share my excitement and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. 

9 days into 2017, I may still have half my Christmas weight to lose, lots of resolutions to try again for the 18462 time already this year and get over the January blues. However, I think a goal we can all agree on is to make the best out of any situations we’re currently in. Live 2017 like Naomi Campbell wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress to her community service in 2007. (Maybe without the community service part), but you get the message. 

Make every day your day, darlings!

Molicia xxx

A Day At The Saatchi Gallery: London Fashion Weekend

Yesterday I visited the Saatchi Gallery as it hosted a blogger’s dream; London Fashion Weekend. If you’ve ever wanted to shop at highly discounted prices on pieces from Moschino  and Dolce and Gabbana, experience the front row at a fashion show and enjoy lunch at one of London’s finest destinations, than this day is for you.

I arrived at the Saatchi Gallery at 10:30 am and collected my designer tote. The bag was filled with exclusive goodies such as Garnier moisturising cream, Pukka tea leaves, Maybelline baby lips and much more.

Whilst I was waiting for the Trend Show catwalk, I drifted between rooms that were full of designer clothes and marvelled at the displays. The all white decor was modern and made the clothing stand out.


Whilst wondering around the jewellery room, I came across a unique stall that immediately caught my eye. It was surrounded by art work that could’ve had a show of it’s own.


‘You’re so vain you probably think this artwork’s about you.’


Golden bullet cases that have been crystallised from the inside


Love Bullets

Love Bullets is a brand that uses golden bullet cases and crystallises the inside of them. Every coloured crystal has different healing properties, I bought a black crystal necklace that protects you from negativity such as self doubt and helps you to feel secure. They are often used to heal the root chakra which is found in your lower spine. I picked this crystal because I was instantly attracted to it but once the lovely salesman described its healing properties I was sold, I suffer from many of the issues the crystal helps with. It was as though it was meant to be. The irony of using a destructive weapon to heal spiritual wounds appeals to me on a very deep level.


Trend Show – Very Exlcusive

It was then show time. Because I got to the show space eagerly, I was lucky enough to secure a second row seat, which meant I had a better chance of securing quality images.





The music created a lively atmosphere as Very Exclusive showcased their SS16 Trend Show which featured pieces from renowned designers from Alexander McQueen  to Versus Versace.

After a lunch break featuring a caramel latte and a bacon and chicken sandwich from Costa, I headed back to the Saatchi Gallery to view Mary Katrantzou SS16. I sat front row for this show as I had been anticipating it since I had bought my tickets. Front row experience was great for my photos.

Mary Katrantzou SS16







The finale of the Mary Katrantzou show signified the end of my day. I learnt a lot about myself at the London Fashion Weekend experience and I will be returning the to stunning venue, the Saatchi Gallery, for exhibitions in the future.

What do you think about my first attempt at runway photography?

Until next time,

Molicia xo

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The Best Instagram Fashion Accounts 

Whenever some quick inspiration is needed, Instagram is the first place I go to. There are infinite numbers of accounts that offer inspo as well as affordable ways to get the look. I’ve put together a list of the best Instagram fashion accounts to follow. Here it is…




Model and blogger Micah Gianneli posts OOTD content daily. I love the fact that some days her look is casual and others she could be mistaken for someone attending a red carpet event. 

BONUS: She always tags the places she gets her clothes from in the photos! 



It’s great to scroll down your feed and see something unique and fun. As the name clearly states, it’s an account of models… Drawn very badly. 


Not just your average celebrity street style account. @thecurveyfashionista_ makes gorgeous edits and is always one of the first to post the latest trends. 


The official account of a UK online retailer that offers editorials that every street style blogger could be inspired by. For every girl’s darker side. 


Another online retailer that offers editorials that are vogue-worthy. This account is the complete opposite to the previous one on the list as the clothes are perfect for your girly side. 


This fashion account is like looking at a feed of your dream life. I’ve been a loyal follower for a couple of years and I am always inspired by @sydneyfashionblogger’s style and the quality of her photos. She’s the type of woman that makes you want to seriously up your game.



More famous for being a worldwide beauty vlogging phenomenon, Carli Bybel’s fashion account is due serious credit. Another person that tags the shops that sell the clothes she wears (yasssss), you can get the look. Everything she wears is also super affordable. 



‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Lauren Pope is a serious style crush. She often posts photos of her outfits and again, they’re usually from places where the majority of us shop. 

For tonnes of selfies and a peak into my life, follow my Instagram: @mollsdickinson, I might even follow you back 😉

Molicia xo

18th Birthday and 3 Outfit Changes


1st December, 1st legal drink, 1st day of adulthood

Waking up on your 18th birthday is like waking up as a new person. ‘Finally, I can do whatever I want!’ You think. ‘Wow, the fun begins now!’ You also think. But the truth is, waking up on your 18th birthday is like ending a journey and jumping right into another one. 

Maybe it’s a combination of things that made me feel this way. I started my apprenticeship the day before which made me feel grown up already. The next day I was officially grown up. I am excited though, I’ve been waiting for this feeling for the longest of time. I’m an adult, I can do what I want. I’m one step closer to becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to become. 

Birthdays are family days for me. My 16th birthday was a short break to Madrid. My 18th birthday was a day trip to a local spa hotel. 

   9:30 am: My mum and I arrive at Nutfield Priory Health Club and Spa. We get shown around and given robes and slippers. After the 1st outfit change, I walk past a mirror and see that the robe consumes my body. It comes all the way down to my ankles and I fail at a selfie attempt. 

9:45 am: Opposite the changing room is a relaxation room that features: lovely loungers, sheer curtains and calming piano melodies. Again, I attempt a selfie and it takes me 5 minutes to snap the shot above. 

11:00am: We head to the bar and order lunch. 

11:15 am: Cheesy chips and a can of Diet Coke are wolfed down with 0 regrets. 

12:00pm: It’s time for treatment. Mum and I being so alike both chose a luxury facial. I had a specialised treatment that helps oily skin (my worst enemy). 

1:00pm: “Molly?!”… “Molly?!” I wake up alert and 2 seconds later embarrassed because I fell asleep during my treatment. I NEVER fall asleep outside of my bed so this is a new thing for me! All I remember is feeling so relaxed. I came out to my mum and she had an allergic reaction to hers. My heart sank because something allows seems to happen when she does something lovely for me and I wished that she could’ve just had one day where she could be pampered and spoilt like I had. 

1:15pm: Mum and I get into our swimming attire and head to the pool. We chill out on some loungers then get into the jacuzzi. It was warm, bubbly and refreshing. 

2:30pm: We are invited to a room which has glass walls and sophisticated interior. A table is reserved in our names and we are served tea, scones and champagne. Seeming as I was celebrating my day and mum was driving home, I may have drank both glasses of bubbly. Being featherweight champion of the world, I felt tipsy afterwards.

4:00pm: We arrive home and I get changed into a jumper dress so that I look nicer for people coming over. And take selfies with my gorgeous little sister.

6:00pm: My uncle and his girlfriend are the first to arrive and I receive more money and a bottle of rosé.

6:15pm: My best friend arrives with a bouquet of flowers and a large card. I should’ve guessed it from Laura but I didn’t… She bought me a card which had ‘girlfriend’ over it! 😂 She made effort to stick photos of us over it an included a hand written letter with it too. 

To my Princess,

My gift to you is a contribution to our holiday next year!!!!

I couldn’t even believe it and I jumped into her arms screaming!

7:30pm: CAKE. 

9:30pm: Visitors have left and I reminisce on the day I’ve had. Thinking about how grateful I am to be blessed with such loving and caring family and friends. Memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Going to bed on your 18th birthday is like going to bed a new person. Going to bed on your 18th birthday is like ending the first day of the rest of your life. It’s incredible.

Molicia Mondays:Santa Baby…

It’s Christmas in just over a month! Personally, December is my favourite month of the year because it’s Sagittarius season. And that means it’s my birthday (1st December, feel free to send me gifts…) Having my birthday and Christmas in one month makes it extra special and means piles of presents. I’ve made sure I’ve been a very good girl this year, so I’ve created a list of things that I desire which includes many Winter must-haves for every fashion and beauty lover.

  • Adidas Tracksuit Bottoms
Kylie x Adidas

Kylie Jenner x Adidas | Photosource:

To be honest, I’ve wanted these before Kylie Jenner wore them. One of my friends has a pair in navy blue and they tick every box from comfort to how they flatter my body shape. That said, if you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know black is my favourite colour to wear which makes these 10x more appealing.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit
ABH contour kit

I NEED THIS | Photosource:

Calling all beauty gurus, you know what this is and what it does. I have been crazy about Anastasia Beverly Hills ever since I saw my glam favourites such as Kim Kardashian and Amrezy use it. I want the cream kit because I prefer looking dewy over matte. ATTENTION UK READERS… I discovered Cult Beauty a UK site that sells ABH and Huda Beauty lashes!!!! Finally we can join the crazes with the US and Dubai.

  • Ankle boots


dior ankle boots

Dior ❤ | Photo source:

As much as I adore these Dior boots, there’s no way in hell I can afford them any time soon. Thankfully there are so many high street versions of these available from places like Zara and Office that have just as much of a place on my Christmas list.

  • Hair Extensions
amrezy bellami

Instagram beauty guru Amrezy in Bellami hair extensions | Photo source: @amrezy via Instagram

After years of following online beauty gurus such as Carli Bybel and Amrezy I’ve always been jealous of their hair. Although my hair is pretty long, I desire a much needed volume boost. So Santa, please give me some Bellami hair extensions or the money needed to get them.

  • Camera

nikon coolpix

A camera is more of a need rather than an item I lust for. I want to start developing my photography skills and eventually do a photography course. I’ve heard great things about the Nikon CoolPix l340 on reviews and I can’t wait to get my hands on one so I can start learning ASAP.

My Christmas list is a lot longer, but these are the items that I want desperately. As I said above, I’ve been a good girl this year, so I’m hoping some good karma will do me justice. If I do receive any of these items, I’ll be sure to do a blog post on them and hopefully they’ll the photos will be taken with my new camera 😉

Happy Sagittarius season!

Molicia xo

How To Dress To Impress At Your Job Interview


Sleek hair and nude toned makeup.

Have a job interview soon and want to look professional but at the same time keep true to your style? I have the answers! I was in this situation myself this week. In the past I have kept it simple with a pencil skirt and a blouse but I felt uncomfortable and I certainly didn’t feel like myself. This time around though I was convinced that I could succeed the interview and look stylish at the same time. Here’s how I did it:

The Face & Hair


I have read soooooooo many articles that claim to look as natural as possible in regards to your makeup. But not all of us feel confident without our glam and that could massively affect your performance in the interview. I want to be confident and powerful! And I don’t know about you but any company that would prefer me to not feel this way is one that I would not wish to be employed by.

I did try and keep my makeup simple. I toned down my usual smokey eye by using lighter colours. I used bronzer on the lid, Naked 2 in shade ‘tease’ on the socket and outer crease and ‘bootycall’ on the inner corner. Topped with liquid liner and a few coats of mascara. I also stuck to my usual highlight and contour and finished with a nude lipstick.

Just having straight hair doesn’t make me feel as though I look professional and therefore I decided to do one of my favourite hair styles which is fool proof on even the worst of your bad hair days.

First, I straightened my hair with GHD irons. I then put my hair in a middle parting and separated the two sides and placed that hair behind my ears. After, back-comb the crown in two sections. Spritz some hairspray and brush out the back-comb starting at the bottom of the hair to ensure that your effort is not wasted and you have the volume required.

The Outfit

outfit full

Dress: New Look, Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Don’t want to opt for the pencil skirt and blouse combo? Stand out and your interview with a jumper dress. Dresses are a great way to feel good at an interview but make sure it is at least knee-length. The dress that I’m wearing has the shirt collar within the dress. However, you could achieve the same look with a jumper dress and a white blouse underneath, or even a shirt underneath a v-neck jumper with a pair of black trousers would look just as fab. To finish the look I teamed this with a pair of black heels. Make sure you can walk properly in the heels you choose though, you don’t want to LITERALLY stumble at the first hurdle!

And if you don’t believe that this is a great idea for an interview, then you don’t have to listen to me. But here’s a fact… I got asked to do a trial day at the company so I must’ve done something right 😉

Of course, the look is just the first part but first impressions are so important and if you feel super confident in your clothes, it really makes a great difference to how comfortable you feel in the interview.

Have a great weekend guys!

Molicia xo