Hedi Slimane Leaves Saint Laurent 

Anxiously anticipating confirmation that Hedi Slimane’s exit from Paris fashion house Saint Laurent was a cruel April Fool’s PR stunt left the joke on me. The rumours are true. his contract expired Thursday and it could not be negotiated to suit all parties. 

“What Yves Saint Laurent has achieved over the past four years represents a unique chapter in the history of the fashion house”, words spoken by the chairman of Kering, François-Henri Pinault. 

Since Slimane became the Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent back in March 2012, the house has dramatically changed. Here’s just a few examples of how…

The name change:

Ditching the ‘Yves’ in the Saint Laurent name caused press and public outrage. Heavy criticism and multiple items of clothing were marketed as ‘Ain’t Laurant Without Yves’. 



Source: wheretoget.it 📸

The stores:

Slimane also changed the aesthetic of the stores: white marble, black slate and gold. An edgy but stylishly modern approach to compliment the Saint Laurent recreation. 


The girl:

The Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent girl wears biker jackets and jeans teamed with a thick black smokey eye and a bold red lip. Wearable with a rockstar edge. 
The figures:

In 2015, the house accumulated just over $1 billion in sales revenue and from 2012 to 2014, the Saint Laurent revenue increased 20% every year. Monsieur Slimane has been a huge success for the fashion house. 

Who do you want to replace Hedi Slimane?

Molicia xo


High Fash Friday: All Black SS16 Inspo

I hope every single one of you is having a really good Good Friday!

I’ve made a new feature: High Fash Friday which showcases some inspo for the season to come. Every week, a trend or a colour will be posted to inspire your SS16 wardrobe.

To start, here’s a collection of images that call forward my darker side – all black everyyythingggg.

SS16 Inspo- Black

A Week To Go: London Fashion Weekend

I’m so excited to be attending London Fashion Weekend next week. 7 days ago I got my outfit and now the wait for Friday continues. 

I will be posting about the event and I have a new camera to use. It’s so exciting that I’ll be able to post my own runway photos! 

This time next week, that post will be up. Until then, you can look forward to seeing London Fashion Week and maybe some makeup posts until then. 

Molicia xo

New York Fashion Week: Day 1 ft Yeezy Season 3 + 6 Surprises

Fashion month has started! I’m so excited to see what A/W16 has to offer.

What features on this blog will only ever be collections from shows I’ve enjoyed and actually liked the clothes. Anything without wow-factor simply won’t make the cut. Therefore, I only have one show to talk about today. And it’s the show that everyone is talking about…


 Exclusive to Tidal subscribers (lucky me!) was a live stream that featured Kanye West’s latest Adidas x Yeezy collection, his new album, ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and a few surprises. 

Surprise number 1:

These giant hills of silk material start rippling before the show begins. Suddenly, the material is pulled away and reveals models wearing Kanye’s new collection standing on top of a towering podium. Below them is a crowd of even more models.


This jacket is gorgeous • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸


So much resting bitch face • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸


The queen arrives • Naomi Campbell • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸

Surprise number 2: 

As Kanye’s music is blaring and the models are standing there blank-faced. Out of no where Naomi Campbell struts into position and poses graciously.  

Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸


This jacket is on my wish list • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸


Vibrant colours at a Kanye West show?! • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸


This photo doesn’t do those gorgeous boots any justics • Amina Blue • Yeezy Season 3 • Photo source: vogue.co.uk 📸

Surprise number 3: 

Kanye made a song about himself. It was satirical of how he is perceived by everyone and it enjoyable.  ‘I love you like Kanye loves Kanye’

Surprise number 4:

Fashion design is a learning process and Kanye has responded to criticism regarding the pricing of his collections and has agreed to make it more affordable and accessible to the public. 


Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West wearing Balmain x Yeezy • Photo source: @balmain via Instagram 📸


Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner wearing Balmain x Yeezy • Photo source: @balmain via Instagram 📸

Surprise number 5:

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are repping custom-made Balmain x Yeezy. According to Kim Kardashian, Olivier Rousteing made the collection happen in just 5 days! Although it isn’t the best I’ve seen from Balmain, you can’t disregard how much effort that would’ve been to make it happen in such a short timeframe. 

Surprise number 6:

Kanye is releasing a video game of his mum flying through heaven. I’m being serious. Wheneve I’m concentrating I talk to myself and I said “Is this even real?!” Whilst the preview was shown. I still can’t believe it. Credit to Kanye for creating a fashion collection, album and video game in that amount of time though. 

Unlike the majority of designers, the cast at Yeezy Season 3 was a large majority of POC which is really good to see. There are so many coloured models who had the chance to display their beauty at the show. 

Whether you think this is ‘post-apocalyptic trash’, (a comment I saw on Instagram this morning) or a genuine attempt of a man trying to express himself. You have to admit, Kanye West knows how to put on a good show and get the whole world talking about him. 

What is your opinion of the show?

Molicia xo


The Best Instagram Fashion Accounts 

Whenever some quick inspiration is needed, Instagram is the first place I go to. There are infinite numbers of accounts that offer inspo as well as affordable ways to get the look. I’ve put together a list of the best Instagram fashion accounts to follow. Here it is…




Model and blogger Micah Gianneli posts OOTD content daily. I love the fact that some days her look is casual and others she could be mistaken for someone attending a red carpet event. 

BONUS: She always tags the places she gets her clothes from in the photos! 



It’s great to scroll down your feed and see something unique and fun. As the name clearly states, it’s an account of models… Drawn very badly. 


Not just your average celebrity street style account. @thecurveyfashionista_ makes gorgeous edits and is always one of the first to post the latest trends. 


The official account of a UK online retailer that offers editorials that every street style blogger could be inspired by. For every girl’s darker side. 


Another online retailer that offers editorials that are vogue-worthy. This account is the complete opposite to the previous one on the list as the clothes are perfect for your girly side. 


This fashion account is like looking at a feed of your dream life. I’ve been a loyal follower for a couple of years and I am always inspired by @sydneyfashionblogger’s style and the quality of her photos. She’s the type of woman that makes you want to seriously up your game.



More famous for being a worldwide beauty vlogging phenomenon, Carli Bybel’s fashion account is due serious credit. Another person that tags the shops that sell the clothes she wears (yasssss), you can get the look. Everything she wears is also super affordable. 



‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Lauren Pope is a serious style crush. She often posts photos of her outfits and again, they’re usually from places where the majority of us shop. 

For tonnes of selfies and a peak into my life, follow my Instagram: @mollsdickinson, I might even follow you back 😉

Molicia xo