Louis Vuitton Reigning Supreme?

Flip your fashion history book back to the year 2000, when New York streetwear brand Supreme were forced by LVMH to recall a collection due to using the Louis Vuitton logo without permission. 

Flash-forward to 17 years later. Welcome back to our current reality, where Louis Vuitton have just debuted their Men’s FW17 collaboration with Supreme on the runway. What?! Surely that’s not true? Well, haven’t you learned to expect the unexpected by now?

It may be the most surprising fashion event to ever occur. To see one of the most, (if not the most), iconic luxury brand to juxtapose their legacy with a famous streetwear brand on the runway. But it’s happened. Regardless of whether you find it distasteful or delusional, it has happened and the world has gone crazy for it. 
After the show, my Instagram feed was clogged with images of the collection, on and off the runway from both fashion fans and celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, gushing over the items. 

Source: @bellahadid via Instagram 📸

Source: @supremenewyork via Instagram 📸

Maybe this is a glimpse at the future of fashion and we probably should’ve seen it coming. Fashion house Vetements has been collaborating with other brands for quite some time, ignighting new trends such as Bic lighter-heeled ankle boots and reintroducing old ones such as Juicy Couture track suits. 

In a time where we seem to reminisce the past and dread the future, it is innovative and ingenious to combine the old with the new. Fashion is political, and pairing the traditional with the futuristic creates a short moment where we fall in love with the present. 

In a world where we have adapted this kind of behaviour, fast fashion exists and virtuality is our reality, doing the unexpected and reinventing things we see as classical is the key to revolutionising a brand and staying relevant. If you can break the internet for a day, you can say you’ve succeeded. That’s exactly what this collaboration has achieved. 

Molicia xo


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