#WiseWordsWednesdays: Dressing For Yourself

For years and years, so called ‘experts’ have been ordering women to dress in accordance to their body shape. “Pears should avoid pleated skirts, apples should distract attention from their waist,” etc, etc. 

It shouldn’t matter whether you’re an hourglass or boyish, if you like it, wear it. It’s that simple. I also slightly disagree with the advice from Cosmopolitan (image source) on wearing having things that fit you. If you have an oversized jumper you wanna wear, why worry?

The point is, don’t let the opinions of ‘experts’ dictate what you want to wear. I don’t care if they’re professional stylists, as long as you feel comfortable wear it! After all, fashion is one of the most significant, if not the most significant way to express yourself. Have fun with it!


Molicia xo


Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury

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#WiseWordsWednesdays: Empowerment 

Ah, once again I am returning to the subject of Feminism – a social issue that many misinterpret and mistake for matriarchy. Before I continue, let’s all be reminded of the definition of Feminism:

Feminism: ‘a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.’

Today’s #WiseWordsWednesday is about how as a female, you should embrace who you are and uplift yourself without criticising other women. 

You can be a girl who loves eating fast food but don’t criticise the girls who prefer to eat salad. You can be a female who loves making an effort with her appearance with makeup, but don’t put down the females who step out with their hair in a bun and wear none. You can be a woman who only has sex with partners you’re in a romantic relationships with, but don’t slut shame the women who enjoy casual sex. 

We are all different, even if we value similar things. As women, we should unite and empower each other daily. Give each other compliments, defend each other and speak kindly of one another even behind each other’s backs. 

It is draining to see jealousy, slut-shaming and spite. Let’s not. Let’s unite. Let’s be happy. We are strong, capable and beautiful. Each and every one of use. Let’s embrace each other, let’s support each other and let’s empower each other. 

Other women are not your competition. 

Molicia xo