Wise Words Wednesday: Dress Up And Don’t Give Up

Sometimes you may feel a little stressed, a little blue or maybe a little depressed. It happens to all of us. Everyone has bad days.

But so what?  

So what if you’re feeling down or an event in your life has made you feel lower than you’ve been in a long time. So what? 

So you get up and you applaud yourself, you get dressed and give yourself a pat on the back and you show up and cheer for yourself. You carry on even when you feel like you can’t. That’s what makes you more than a survivor. That’s true strength. That takes a lot and instead of saying ‘I feel like crap’ etc etc, start saying, ‘I feel like crap but I’m here and I’m continuing, I never give up’. There’s no shame in self-pride. 

Whatever battle you’re facing right now, stare it in the face and tell them who’s boss. 

You’ll conquer this battle, you always do. Because you do the simplest and most difficult thing which is that you never give up. 

Molicia xo


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