18th Birthday and 3 Outfit Changes


1st December, 1st legal drink, 1st day of adulthood

Waking up on your 18th birthday is like waking up as a new person. ‘Finally, I can do whatever I want!’ You think. ‘Wow, the fun begins now!’ You also think. But the truth is, waking up on your 18th birthday is like ending a journey and jumping right into another one. 

Maybe it’s a combination of things that made me feel this way. I started my apprenticeship the day before which made me feel grown up already. The next day I was officially grown up. I am excited though, I’ve been waiting for this feeling for the longest of time. I’m an adult, I can do what I want. I’m one step closer to becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to become. 

Birthdays are family days for me. My 16th birthday was a short break to Madrid. My 18th birthday was a day trip to a local spa hotel. 

   9:30 am: My mum and I arrive at Nutfield Priory Health Club and Spa. We get shown around and given robes and slippers. After the 1st outfit change, I walk past a mirror and see that the robe consumes my body. It comes all the way down to my ankles and I fail at a selfie attempt. 

9:45 am: Opposite the changing room is a relaxation room that features: lovely loungers, sheer curtains and calming piano melodies. Again, I attempt a selfie and it takes me 5 minutes to snap the shot above. 

11:00am: We head to the bar and order lunch. 

11:15 am: Cheesy chips and a can of Diet Coke are wolfed down with 0 regrets. 

12:00pm: It’s time for treatment. Mum and I being so alike both chose a luxury facial. I had a specialised treatment that helps oily skin (my worst enemy). 

1:00pm: “Molly?!”… “Molly?!” I wake up alert and 2 seconds later embarrassed because I fell asleep during my treatment. I NEVER fall asleep outside of my bed so this is a new thing for me! All I remember is feeling so relaxed. I came out to my mum and she had an allergic reaction to hers. My heart sank because something allows seems to happen when she does something lovely for me and I wished that she could’ve just had one day where she could be pampered and spoilt like I had. 

1:15pm: Mum and I get into our swimming attire and head to the pool. We chill out on some loungers then get into the jacuzzi. It was warm, bubbly and refreshing. 

2:30pm: We are invited to a room which has glass walls and sophisticated interior. A table is reserved in our names and we are served tea, scones and champagne. Seeming as I was celebrating my day and mum was driving home, I may have drank both glasses of bubbly. Being featherweight champion of the world, I felt tipsy afterwards.

4:00pm: We arrive home and I get changed into a jumper dress so that I look nicer for people coming over. And take selfies with my gorgeous little sister.

6:00pm: My uncle and his girlfriend are the first to arrive and I receive more money and a bottle of rosé.

6:15pm: My best friend arrives with a bouquet of flowers and a large card. I should’ve guessed it from Laura but I didn’t… She bought me a card which had ‘girlfriend’ over it! 😂 She made effort to stick photos of us over it an included a hand written letter with it too. 

To my Princess,

My gift to you is a contribution to our holiday next year!!!!

I couldn’t even believe it and I jumped into her arms screaming!

7:30pm: CAKE. 

9:30pm: Visitors have left and I reminisce on the day I’ve had. Thinking about how grateful I am to be blessed with such loving and caring family and friends. Memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Going to bed on your 18th birthday is like going to bed a new person. Going to bed on your 18th birthday is like ending the first day of the rest of your life. It’s incredible.


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