Halloween OOTN: Glampire 😈❣


Vamping it

To celebrate Halloween, one of my friends held a Halloween themed gathering for all the girls. 

Stressing as usual over what to wear weeks before hand, only to pick a last minute dressy-casual outfit and with a trickle of fake blood I was transformed into a vampire. 


Leather leggings- Uniquilo, boots- Dune

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will have realised by now that I am obsessed with leather in a way that is possibly unhealthy. The combination of leather, sequins and suede made me embrace the feminine and sultry character of the female vampire. 
 The combination of a classic smokey eye, lashes and a deep red lip completed the look. I also used fake blood (Morrisons £2) to create a dripping effect from my mouth. There was supposed to be a vampire bite on my neck however I totally failed and rather than looking like someone had sunk their teeth into me, the circles/blobs looked like they were attempted by a 5 year old. Actually… A 5 year old would’ve done a better job!

Happy Halloween!

Molicia xo


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