Wise Words Wednesday: Life


I happen to be in a very reflective mood today. Whether this is a mid-week symptom that occurs to me or just a coincidence, I’m not sure. 

Today’s topic is perspective of the life you live.

 In 50 years time I don’t want to be someone who reflects on their life and wishes they had tried harder or followed their passion but ignored their soul’s urges and lived society’s idea of an average life. If that happens to me (and I strive to make sure that doesn’t), I will know that I failed to make myself happy. 

What substance to a life can you have without happiness? Although happiness isn’t constant and sometimes it feels as though the world has swallows you up and there’s no escape. That is also temporary. Happiness is what I want from my life. I will have no regrets if I am happy in the end. And I think that’s a lesson that takes some people a lifetime to learn. And at the age of 17, I don’t want to risk that. 

Happiness. That’s all. 

Molicia xo


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