Molicia Mondays: Tumblr Love ❤️


Screenshots of my Tumblr blog

Hello my lovelies, Monday is such a drag, right? It’s been a pretty bland day for me but this evening I’m visiting some family and saying goodbye to my grandparents as they move to Spain for the Winter on Wednesday. As they spend the last months of the year in sun, I look forward to forever hermitting at home and reigning the fortress that is my house proudly with a long and fluffy blanket around my arms. 

Onto today’s post…

I pretty much just wanted an excuse to self-promo my Tumblr blog. If you love everything fashion from runway to street style and want to know me on a deeper level, follow me!

💖 💖
If you comment below your URL, I’ll give you a follow back! 

I’ve been a Tumblr girl since 2010 and 5 years later I finally am proud enough to publicise my URL!

Keep motivated this Monday, it’s almost over!

Molicia xo


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