Janice Dickinson: Then & Now… 

Janice Dickinson was at the height of her modelling career in the 70s/80s. The exotic beauty describes herself as the world’s first supermodel and claims to also have coined the term herself. She has continued to work in fashion by opening her own agency in 2005 which also had its own reality TV show. She also judged several cycles of America’s Next Top Model.

Janice was spotted for her exotic beauty which was her best friend and worst enemy as she was rejected by several angencies early in her career for it.

A few days ago, Janice went into the Big Brother house and it made me think a lot…

I knew she was famous for being a supermodel, yet I had never seen a photo of her modelling, (until I did my own research). It really surprised me that I’d never seen a photo of her in her younger days ever. Which brings me onto the topic of people being shamed for their surgical procedures.

Whilst doing my research, I first googled ‘Janice Dickinson’ and I only saw recent photos and memes with arrows darting at her face, labelling gazillions of surgical procedures she’s had.

I then googled ‘Janice Dickinson 80’s’ and found stunning photos from an earlier era of her modelling career. And of course, more memes and comparisons to other people who also have had what society would label as ‘one too many’ surgical procedures.

Now I want to cut to the chase…

There’s just so much negativity in the media, obsessing about a woman’s appearance just because in some people’s eyes she doesn’t conform to that ‘not natural but natural enough’ standard that is set by the world.

What I’m trying to say is that I had no idea about some of the greatest work Janice has done because there’s so much negative press concerning her ‘botched’ appearance. Which is astonishing really. It’s like saying “oh hey Janice Dickinson, you’ve aged and you’re trying to hide it? Why are you trying to conform to societal ideas of beauty? How dare you try and do something to make yourself feel better about the way you are!”

The topic of plastic surgery is a wide one and I understand that I do not know Janice’s reasons for having those procedures but so what?

I don’t NEED to know because I am not her and as long as she’s happy who the hell cares? In my eyes, she’s still beautiful.

And let’s be honest, if you were basically worshiped by an industry that only cares about what you look like, wouldn’t you want to try and preserve that? Because if I had the amount of money she has and I was a lot older, hell yeah would I want to freeze my ageing process too!

I think the media and whoever else for that matter should stop attacking people for trying to be happy, particularly women. And I find it sad that I’ve had to write this post in first place to make this point.

Janice Dickinson, world’s first supermodel, I SALUTE YOU! 💃🏽

P.S. We share the same surname and I love that 😂
Ranting Feminist, Molicia xo


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