WiseWordsWednesdays: Progress

Every single person out there has their own definition of success. Whether it be material, emotional or spiritual, someone has their own concept of what success means to them. 

For me, success is all three of these things. In some things I put work into I have not progressed as much as I would’ve liked to but maybe my expectations of myself can be a little OTT and unrealistic. 

However, like a lotus flower, all my growth has occurred during the toughest times of my life. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally I have come to terms with the person I am and I’m very proud to say that I now know myself as a person. To me, this is the progress most people (apart from those closest to me) do not recognise as progress or achievement even though I would argue this is the most important journey of life itself. 

To conclude, don’t stress too much of you’re not there yet. Any progress is progress. No matter how you define your success. 

Have a beautiful day and grow flower buds!

Molicia xo


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