Arriving at Finsbury Park, London with the girls at 12:30ish I was excited for the day ahead (going to see Major Lazer was a bucket list goal). 

The atmosphere was incredible wherever you went and the music was insane. 


Top: Missguided, shorts: H&M, sandals: New Look


Cooling down before Major Lazer

Obviously, being a huge EDM fan and with Diplo being one of my favourite DJs, Major Lazer was my main motivation to go to Wireless in the first place. Therefore, I wanted to preserve my energy for their one hour set and take the time to relax in the sun after getting drenched in my own sweat in the Pepsi tent. Think of walking into a room with a huge blow dryer constantly blowing at you… That is how hot it was in there!

 Jauz is another favourite DJ of mine who is under Diplo’s label, MAD DECENT, so as the video demonstrates, I was SO happy when Feel The Volume dropped!

Screenshot from Nero @ the Pepsi Tent

I’ve always had a passion for dance music, but honestly, when the bass travels from the soles of your feet and rattles your rib cage… There is no other way to describe that feeling than ‘euphoria’. It’s hard to even put into words. 

I must admit though, I did leave early to beat the rush of sweaty, tired and drunk festival goers, so I did miss Drake which I am a tiny bit gutted about even though he was need a priority for me to see in the first place. 

To conclude: after 4 hours of travelling by train and tube, getting tan lines from my sandal straps, losing the jewel detail on one of my sandals whilst being jumped on at Major Lazer, sweating to the equivalent of 3 consecutive Jilian Michael’s workouts and losing one of my friends for 2 hours, would I do it all again? OF COURSE!!! 

Molicia xo


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