Night Out and Nothing To Wear? 💆🏽


I created a front knot in a tank top to make it appear cropped (New Look) teamed with a mesh bottomed skirt (H&M)

I have a friend group that insists onast minute plans; frustrating! When. We arrange a night out the first thing I think of is what on earth am I going to wear?? 

I hate wearing things more than once, but as a student who currently is unemployed I can’t really afford to buy a new outfit for everytime I go out.

BUT… I have a solution!!

I have a few staple pieces, usually skirts. And all you need to do it just mix and match your tops to make setting you’ve worn before an amazing new outfit!! I do this all the time and even if I’ve worn the skirt before, I always get complimented on my clothes.


Same mesh skirt.. different top! (Alexander Wang x H&M)


My favourite two piece!


Same top, different skirt

Hot pink midi skirt teamed with a cropped tee (Topshop)

I’ve advised some of my friends to do the same instead of spending so much money just for the sake of one night and they thanked me for it!

P.S. I usually just post selfies of my outfits because I feel more comfortable taking photos myself rather than having others take photos for me. Would you prefer me to carry on doing this or would you like me to get someone to take full length photos?

Have a lovely weekend bloggers 💖

Molicia xo


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