Wise Words Wednesday’s: Love YOU!


Wednesday evening and I’m feeling stressed as ever with college, people, just life in general really! It’s times like these though that I really need to remember that my circumstances are not my fault and that my circumstances can be changed with a tiny sprinkle of positivity. 

Learning to love yourself is a long and difficult path of self discovery. However, it’s one of the most important journeys in life, why? Because if you love yourself you have respect for yourself, you don’t let people or situations get you down, you think about your happiness and no bitterness prevents you from getting what you want from life. 

I can’t lie and say this journey is complete for me as of yet, but I hated myself last year and now I can say that I’m in midst of the process of loving myself full time even with part time thoughts that bring me down. 

Remember though, loving yourself doesn’t make you arrogant or selfish! Putting your own happiness first is something everyone should do every now and then, if not, always. You’ll be a happier person and you’ll understand yourself much better, I promise. 

Molicia xo


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