Goodbye Gisele Bundchen! 

Gisele for Allure 1999


Yesterday, super model Gisele Bundchen announced her retirement from modelling in an instagram post. 

Gisele’s retirement speech captioned along with a photo of her at 14

She ended her modelling career with a final runway show for Colcci in São Paulo, Brazil, her home country. Her parents and partner were at the show to see her off. 

Although Gisele has ended her career in modelling, she is planning to publish a coffee table book and hints at other projects she is working on in the fashion industry in her post. 

To mark the iconic super model’s departure, here are some of her most famous moments. 


Gisele’s first Vogue cover


Walking for Victoria’s Secret, 2001


Biker chic for DT Magazine, 2010


Chanel No.5 Campaign

Gisele Bundchen will always have a mark on the catwalk as part of the iconic 1990’s birth of the supermodel era. 

Molicia xo     


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