Wise Words Wednesday: The Journey


I hope everyone is feeling fabulous this week and if you’re not, here’s something to think about during midweek blues. 

The sky darkens and tiny droplets are cast from the grey clouds above you, before you know it the rain is plummeting and you hear a hungry growl from the sky as it hurls lightning bolts to the earth. But after a while, when all the wet and wild weather has given its worst: the snarls stop, the rain slows and comes to a halt, the clouds clear and release the sun, sometimes even a rainbow.

The point is, no matter how bad things appear and how long they last, it always gets better. There is beauty in the difficult path you have been travelling and there is even more beauty in the outcome of it. You will succeed if you don’t give up. Persue your destiny in remembering this and those bad days won’t seem as bad at all. 

Molicia xo


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