Birthday with a Wang


I woke up at 5 this morning with a feeling of nostalgia and as though I was a little girl again all excited to be a ‘big girl’. Today I turn 17 and I finally feel like I’m becoming an adult.

In one of my first posts on my blog, I discussed how obsessed I was with the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, so I was elated when I realised my mum had bought me one of the cropped jumpers from the collection.

Obsessed isn’t even the right word to use, I am INFACTUATED with this item of clothing. If I could wear it every day I really would!

I’ve had such a great day today, as I always do. Being spoilt like a princess, I wish my birthday came around more often!

The leather trousers that also feature in the picture are from River Island.

Here’s to December 🙂

Molicia xo


4 thoughts on “Birthday with a Wang

  1. I’ve been looking for AW x H&M collection clothing all over the place, but it seems that only one H&M store is stocking the collection, and surprisingly it’s not the London store 😦

    P.S. That jumper looks cool!

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