I don’t pop Molly, (she) rocks Tom Ford


Tom Ford, the iconic American designer that rapper Jay-Z made a song about! Not only does Mr.Ford design beautiful clothing, he also has a makeup line to make us beautiful!

After a 2 hour journey to get to my favourite city in the entire world, London, which consisted of a sweaty, soggy and super-quick tube journey to Knightsbridge, I finally arrived at Harrods.

Being a typical teenage girl who dreams about being able to afford the luxurious frocks in the famous department store, I found myself dazzled by the makeup rooms. Instantly, my eyes fixated on the Tom Ford counter. A lovely assistant did my makeup which features in the picture of me above, (although full credit goes to me for the eye makeup). I had been conned before into buying an expensive foundation which wasn’t anywhere near as effective without it’s primer. So this time, I bought the primer and I LOVE the results!

At college today, I’ve been told on a few occasions that my skin looks flawless, and other than the primer which retails at £54, I wear drug store branded makeup! AND coincidence or not, I’ve had a few spots on my cheek bone area for literally 2 weeks which wouldn’t budge, and after day 2 of wearing the primer they’ve magically disappeared! Now I’m not stating that this potion performs miracles, but I’ve never been so happy to spend that amount of money on one product!

So, ladies! If you have the cash and want to spend it on a very good product, I would 11100000% recommend this product!


P.S… (I’m obsessed with the packaging too!)